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PGZ unveils Rosomak WD command and control vehicle

07 September 2018

PGZ unveiled the Rosomak WD 8x8 armoured C2 vehicle at the MSPO 2018 defence exhibition. Source: Remiqiusz Wilk

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) unveiled the Rosomak WD 8x8 armoured command-and-control (C2) vehicle at the MSPO 2018 defence exhibition held in Kielce, Poland, on 4–7 September.

The vehicle was developed by Rosomak and is based on the Rosomak WEM armoured ambulance with a raised rear roof.

The Rosomak WD is designed to provide on-the-move C2 at the battalion level.

There is space for seven crew members, including four in the air-conditioned command post area in the rear.

The main sub-contractor for the vehicle’s systems, including command post operator consoles, is WB Electronics. The compartment is protected against electromagnetic emissions.

In March 2018, the Polish Armament Inspectorate ordered seven Rosomak WDs for PLN80 million (USD21.5 million).

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