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Australia orders Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon systems

05 September 2018

Saab has been awarded a contract to supply an undisclosed number of Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon systems for the Australian Army. Source: Saab

Canberra has awarded a contract to Saab for the supply of an undisclosed number of Carl-Gustaf M4 84 mm multi-purpose weapon systems for the Australian Army (AA).

“With the introduction of the M4 version the Australian Army will have a weapon with the latest technology and improved ergonomics providing an increased tactical flexibility to deal with most situations on the battlefield”, the Sweden-based company quoted by Görgen Johansson, head of its Dynamics business area, in a 5 September statement.

The company said that deliveries of the shoulder-fired, recoilless weapon will take place during 2020, but did not reveal the value of the contract. The order makes the AA Saab’s sixth customer for the Carl-Gustaf M4 since the system was launched in late 2014.

The M4 weighs 6.7 kg, which makes it 3 kg lighter than the Carl-Gustaf M3 and half the weight of the 14.2 kg M2 version that is still in service with many countries. The company achieved this by constructing the recoilless rifle’s barrel liner out of a titanium alloy – saving 1.1 kg (compared to the M3’s steel barrel) – by building its outer casing out of an improved carbon fibre/epoxy composite (saving 0.8 kg), and by using a shorter and lighter (titanium alloy) divergent nozzle to save a further 0.9 kg. The redesign has also served to decrease the size of the Carl-Gustaf, bringing the M4’s total length down to under 1,000 mm.

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