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Russia’s new Spectrum EW system enters service

30 August 2018
The Spectrum (pictured) is not the first Tigr-based EW complex in service with Russia. It is likely to serve alongside Leer-2, which is believed to be capable of disrupting radio communications and direct artillery fire. Source: Russian MoD

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on 28 August that a new electronic warfare (EW) system, designated Spectrum, has entered service with an inaugural exercise in the Urals.

The complex is based on an AMN-233114 Tigr-M 4×4 vehicle, which has fitted to its roof an array of mission systems, including an optical surveillance suite and a large container.

The vehicle is manned by specialists from the brigade-level EW forces that Russia operates. They are typically charged with interrupting or disrupting enemy communications. However, the Spectrum is described as a vehicle for “tracking of the specified territories where potentially dangerous objects can appear”.

It is capable of aeronautical-electronic monitoring, as well as ground-based optical, electronic, radio, and radio-technical (radar) monitoring, which enables EW personnel to conduct surveillance and transmit data on relevant targets to command units.

The optical suite fitted to the roof includes a near-infrared thermal camera and what appears to be a daylight camera with zoom, which would enable the crew to survey for electronic devices and enemy units. The vehicle is also thought to be capable of radar surveillance, and carries handheld devices that would be operated by dismounted EW personnel.

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