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Army 2018: UVZ expands mortar portfolio with 120 mm and 82 mm offerings

22 August 2018

The Burevestnik Institute, a subsidiary of Rostec’s UralVagonZavod (UVZ) research and manufacturing corporation, has unveiled new self-propelled mortars (SPMs) at the Army 2018 defence show near Moscow.

The 2S40 Floks SPM is based on a modified chassis of the Ural-43206 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) truck. The Floks has a combat weight of approximately 20 tonnes.

The system is equipped with a 120 mm gun-mortar that fires both high-explosive fragmentation (HE-Frag) rounds and mortar shells, with rate of fire reaching 8 and 10 rounds per minute respectively. “The Floks can also fire the KM-3 Kitolov HE-Frag guided artillery projectile (GAP),” a source from UVZ told Jane’s .

The system’s range reaches 13 km (artillery rounds), 10 km (GAPs), and 7.5 km (mortar shells). The Floks is equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station with a 7.62 mm Kalashnikov PKTM machine gun, an auxiliary power unit, and an opto-electronic jamming system meant to protect the mortar against precision munitions. The system has an ammunition load of 80 rounds.

The Ural-43206 protected truck with the 2S12A mortar. (Dmitry Fediushko)The Ural-43206 protected truck with the 2S12A mortar. (Dmitry Fediushko)

Burevestnik also showcased the 2S41 Drok 82 mm SPM, which is based on the K-4386 Taifun-VDV 4×4 MRAP vehicle. The Drok weighs 14 tonnes and carries four crew. The system features a range of 100–6,000 m, and has a continuous rate of fire of 12 rds/min. The Drok carries 40 mortar shells. “The 2S41 mortar system is primarily intended for artillery battalions of motor rifle units and airborne troops [VDV],” the UVZ source said. “It can also be used by mountain and air-assault units of the VDV.”

The institute also demonstrated a 2S12A 120 mm vehicle-carried mortar. “The 2S12A features a more stable wheeled platform and is carried by a protected Ural truck, which is identical to that of the Floks SPM,” the source said. “The complex is passing through its trials.” The 2S12A mortar has a maximum range of 7,100 m and a rate of fire of up to 15 rds/min.

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