Infantry Weapons

Argentine Army receives first modernised FAL rifles

16 August 2018

The Argentine Army has received the first batch of 292 7.62 mm FAL rifles modernised by Fábrica Militar Fray Luis Beltrán. The factory is part of the Dirección General de Fabricaciones Militares: the organisation under the Argentine Defence Ministry that produces weapons and ammunition for the Argentine armed forces.

This batch of rifles, which is part of a January 2018 agreement between the factory and the Argentine Army, is the first step in introducing a modernised, locally developed FAL with a new latch for better precision and made from new materials to make it lighter.

The upgrade was developed by the General Manuel Savio Technical School of the Army and includes the development of different versions: the FAMA (Fusil Argentino Modelo Asalto) assault rifle, the FAMCA (Fusil Argentino Modelo Carabina) carbine, and the FAMTD (Fusil Argentino Modelo Tirador Destacado) marksman rifle, which comes in light and heavy versions.

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