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Russia updates troop and vehicle parachute systems

15 August 2018

The Russian military will receive its first D-14 parachutes for the Ratnik soldier ensemble in late 2019, according to Technodinamika, a subsidiary of state-owned military export firm Rostec Corporation.

“The first serial [D-14] parachutes will be handed over to the Ministry of Defence [MoD],” said Technodinamika’s CEO Igor Nasenkov, adding that the parachute had already passed preliminary tests.

According to company specifications, the D-14 parachute provides an average rate of descent of 3.5–5.0 m/s (depending on the soldier’s weight), a horizontal speed of 0–5.5 m/s, and a total suspended weight limit of 160 kg. It is equipped with an 87 m2 canopy and requires 15 minutes for packing.

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