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Roboteam expands UGV portfolio

14 August 2018

The new Light Interoperable Ground Robot leverages on the success of the Micro Tactical Ground Robot. Source: Roboteam

Roboteam took the opportunity at the Global EOD Symposium & Exhibition in Maryland to showcase its latest unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) range, which includes the new Light Interoperable Ground Robot (LIGR) and improved Reconnaissance and Surveillance Teamed Robot (RSTR).

The LIGR builds on the knowledge and design of the company’s field-proven Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR).

“While we kept the general MTGR concept, it’s a brand-new system – lighter, stronger, interoperable, and more reliable than any other back-packable ever made,” Shahar Abuhazira, CEO of Roboteam, told Jane’s on 14 August.

The base LIGR platform weighs 8.6 kg, with a laden weight of under 11.3 kg, making it light enough to be carried by a soldier.

The company has also updated its RSTR “flying UGV” concept, which places an Individual Robotic Intelligence System (IRIS) throwable UGV inside a hexacopter, enabling users to deploy the vehicle from the air and recover it at the end of the mission.

The RSTR is fitted with the latest IRIS LR [long range] UGV. Abuhazira noted that this model features several improvements, including a Silvus mesh radio that offers extended communications range, an improved video camera, and a new battery providing more than 3.5 hours of run time.

“We are getting a lot of interest in it from the US military, and we have already sold several units,” Abuhazira said, noting that the RSTR is now in a production configuration.

“We see it as the best of both worlds, an aerial vehicle and a ground vehicle working together,” he added.

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