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Horizon Technologies launches XPOD airborne ISR/SIGINT payload

24 July 2018

United Kingdom-based Horizon Technologies has unveiled a new ‘plug and play’ intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)/signals intelligence (SIGINT) pod designed for manned and unmanned air platforms.

Known as XPOD, the new system is based on the company’s FlyingFish airborne satellite phone (SATPHONE) monitoring system. Various other ISR/SIGINT sensors can be integrated into the pod, which can be controlled using either a portable workstation on board a manned aircraft or via datalink on the ground.

Now in its third generation, FlyingFish is a SATPHONE-based SIGINT system designed to passively monitor both Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro networks. According to Horizon Technologies, the system can detect and intercept terminal and call activity within radio line-of-sight including voice, fax, data, and short message service (SMS) where available.

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