Air-Launched Weapons

Iran announces mass production of Fakour air-to-air missile

24 July 2018
Six Fakour missiles are seen during the ceremony announcing that the type has entered mass production. Source:

The Fakour radar-guided air-to-air missile is now being mass produced, the Iranian military announced on 23 July.

A ceremony attended by Iranian defence minister Amir Hatami was held to mark the announcement, during which at least six missiles were displayed as well as the front ends of another five. Hatami said the missile could be used with a variety of aircraft.

When it was unveiled as the Fakour-90 in February 2013, the missile was said to have been developed for Iran’s F-14 fighter jets. The Iranian media reported that it has a range of 150 km, a speed of Mach 5, and a guidance system that enables it to hit a target independently of the launch aircraft’s radar.

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