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Israel’s ruling coalition likely to continue until early 2019 despite passage of military service law

11 July 2018


On 8 July, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that he intended to keep his ruling coalition together until “almost the end of the term”, according to a Jerusalem Post report

Knesset elections are currently scheduled to take place in November 2019. Netanyahu’s comments were made during a private coalition debate over the passage of a bill for ultra-Orthodox Israelis serving under the mandatory military draft. The legislation requires that religious schools must provide a quota of students to serve in the military or other national service, rising between 5–8% each year. The bill passed the first of three scheduled readings on 2 July, with 63 Knesset members supporting and 39 opposing, including all of Netanyahu’s ultra-Orthodox coalition partners represented by the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) alliance (six of 66 seats).

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