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Violent risks intelligence bulletin – 10 July 2018

10 July 2018


Bolivia - 9 July 2018: Bolivia’s interior minister said that a joint operation by Bolivian, Brazilian, and Peruvian police conducted in Peru’s Puerto Maldonado municipality had led to the arrest of the gang that attacked a Bolivian military post in Pando in June, stealing weapons and wounding two soldiers.

Brazil - 9 July 2018: In the Edson Queiroz district of Fortaleza, armed thieves held up a lorry carrying new vehicles, shooting the co-driver and stealing two cars.

Colombia - 9 July 2018: President Santos said that the Clan del Golfo gang was highly likely to lay down its weapons, following the approval of a congressional bill regulating the terms of surrender of criminal gangs known as BACRIMs.

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