Country Risk

Leaked Maraab agreement risks breaking political alliance between leading Christian parties in Lebanon, further delaying government formation

09 July 2018


The details of an agreement between Lebanon’s rival leading Christian parties, the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces (LF), have been leaked.

The leak, viewed as stemming from the LF, allegedly proves that the FPM promised the LF equal ministerial representation in return for backing the FPM’s founder, Michel Aoun, as president in 2016. Government formation talks have been stalled since the 6 May elections. The FPM is allied with Hizbullah, with the LF advocating that Hizbullah disarm. The FPM’s parliamentary alliance, with 29 seats in the country’s 128-seat parliament, is demanding six seats in the suggested 30-member cabinet.

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