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Algeria unveils upgraded BTR-80

27 June 2018
An upgraded BTR-80 is seen during Exercise ‘Sakhr 2018’ in the 2nd Military Region. Source: Algerian Ministry of National Defence

Algeria’s Ministry of National Defence has unveiled BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) that have been upgraded to launch 9M133 Kornet missiles.

Two upgraded BTR-80s were seen in video footage and photographs released on 26 June to show the ‘Sakhr 2018’ exercise carried out by the 36th Motorised Infantry Brigade in the 2nd Military Region in northeast Algeria. At least one was also seen launching a missile during the exercise.

The upgrade consists of a launcher with two Kornet missiles, one either side of electro-optical systems, mounted on top of the vehicle’s turret.

It appeared that the turret – which is normally manually operated - would have to be traversed to acquire and track targets and that the gunner would be unable to open his hatch to load more missiles.

The electro-optics appeared to consist of the standard Kornet targeting system without the optional thermal camera in one housing and other systems that could include a different thermal camera and rangefinder in a second. Both housings appeared to have no covers to protect the optics.

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