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IAI, IMI unveil Rampage stand-off air-to-surface missile

20 June 2018

A Rampage supersonic stand-off air-to-surface missile being launched from an F-16 multirole combat aircraft. Rampage is a co-development between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and IMI Systems. Source: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries and IMI Systems have disclosed co-development of a new stand-off precision air-to-surface missile (ASM) system – designated Rampage - designed to address protected high value targets including command and control (C2) centres, air bases, maintenance centres, and other key infrastructure assets.

Rampage is a supersonic all-weather day/night ASM with a stand-off range of “100s of kilometres,” Boaz Levy, General Manager and Executive Vice President of IAI’s Rockets and Space Group told Jane’s . The missile’s guidance/navigation solution features an inertial measurement unit (IMU) with micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology combined with IAI's ADA GPS/GNSS anti-jam system

Targeting co-ordinates are communicated from the launch aircraft to the missile, which is then launched in fire-and-forget mode. Levy said that the trajectory of the missile is tailored to engage a target at a specific velocity and from a specific angle. “Once the missile is launched, it flies towards predetermined co-ordinates, shaping its engagement trajectory according to the characteristics of the target. The fact that Rampage does not have a pure ballistic trajectory adds to its ability to penetrate and defeat heavily defended targets,” he said.

Rampage is understood to be an air-launched derivative of IMI Systems’ surface-launched (EXTRA) guided artillery rocket, with some minimal modifications to the airframe for the air-launched application. While very little specific detail has been disclosed about the Rampage co-development, Jane’s understands that IMI Systems supplies the warhead, rocket motor solution, and airframe, while IAI supplies the navigation/guidance and control systems.

Rampage has a total weight 570 kg (including the warhead – weight undisclosed), is 4.7 m in length and 30 cm in diameter, and is intended for integration on any aircraft, said Levy.

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