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MBDA unveils evolved Licorne VSHORAD C2 system

20 June 2018
The twin-screen Licorne workstation installed in a VAB armoured vehicle. The left-hand screen is displaying the tactical picture. The laptop docking stations are situated under the keyboard shelves. Source: Giles Ebbutt

MBDA has unveiled a new version of its Licorne lightweight very short range air defence (VSHORAD) command and control (C2) system, which includes an integrated anti-drone capability.

First launched at Eurosatory 2016, the Licorne pocket C2 system is designed for use with systems such as MBDA’s Mistral family and has been derived from its existing Missile Control Post (MCP) and Platoon Command Post (PCP) systems, which are in service in several countries.

The system provides surveillance, detection, and identification functions with a high level of connectivity. It can be used in association with passive infrared 360° surveillance sensors, lightweight radars, or electronic support measures (ESM) and acoustic sensors. It provides multisensor data fusion, real-time ranging, shared tactical position calculation, and can upload battery sensor images to upper command levels using standard NATO military datalink protocols such as JREAP-C.

The organic sensor capability consists of a radar and an electro-optical (EO) sensor. The new anti-drone capability adds a mobile radio frequency (RF) detection unit produced by Cerbair to intercept mini-drone datalink transmissions. Drones can be detected and identified either by the radar/EO combination or by the RF unit. Once the threat has been detected and located, Licorne allows operators to activate countermeasures using a network of field-deployed jammers developed by KEAS.

The new version of Licorne has a scalable architecture and has been designed particularly for early entry forces to give them a lightweight and portable air defence (AD) C2 capability, including in the manpack role if necessary.

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