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Eurosatory 2018: Elistair expands tethered UAV portfolio

15 June 2018
The Ligh-T V.3 compact tethering station is compatible with over 20 types of commercially available small VTOL UAVs. Source: Andrew White

French company Elistair has unveiled the 60 m Ligh-T V.3 compact tethering station for vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAVs) designed to support dismounted and mobile operations.

The Ligh-T V.3 comprises a carrying case which features a 60 m lightweight ‘plug and fly’ cable and 1.2 kW power connector that can be attached to external power sources for persistent operation.

According to Elistair, the Ligh-T V.3 can be integrated with more than 20 commercial UAV types including DJI as well as specialist military off-the-shelf (MOTS) air vehicles.

The station is also supported by a 200 Mbps data transfer capability as well as ability to provide “secure and unjammable communications”, company literature claims.

It weighs 12 kg and measures 475 mm × 415 mm × 211 mm, making it ideal to support small unit teams in the counter-terrorism environment, a company official told Jane’s .

The Ligh-T V.3 joins Elistair’s SAFE-T smart tethering system which is designed to be integrated on board a variety of tactical ground vehicles to boost the situational awareness of forward-deployed special operations teams.

Also contained in a carrying case, the SAFE-T weighs 26 kg and includes a 100 m tether with automated winch.

Elistair also used Eurosatory to promote its Orion UAV, which is designed for persistent surveillance and communications missions, and can be tethered to the SAFE-T solution for extended operation.

First announced by the company in January, the Orion is funded by the French Procurement Agency (DGA). Jane’s sources said it has already been deployed by undisclosed military and security forces in Europe.

The UAV has an endurance in excess of 10 hours untethered and a hover altitude of 80 m.

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