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Eurosatory 2018: Yugoimport showcases X-01 Strsljen armed VTOL UAV

15 June 2018
An example of the X-01 Strsljen seen armed with the Spider anti-tank guided munition. Source: Nikolai Novichkov

Serbia’s Yugoimport company has unveiled the X-01 Strsljen (Hornet) vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (VTOL UAV) at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition being held in Paris from 11-15 June.

The X-01 Strsljen has been developed by Serbian firm EDePro and is being marketed by Yugoimport.

The air vehicle has a maximum take-off weight of 750 kg and can carry a payload of 350 kg including fuel and weapons.

It has an overall length of 8.75 m, a width of 1.8 m, and a height of 2.44 m.

The airframe is constructed from reinforced carbon fibre and is powered by a Phoenix-180 turboshaft engine, which enables it to attain a cruise and maximum speed of 120 km/h and 180 km/h respectively.

The company is also quoting a climb rate of 8 m/s, an endurance of up to 4 hours, and a 4,000 m service ceiling.

An electro-optical payload is fitted to the air vehicle’s chin, with other mission equipment comprising a radar altimeter, a X-band radar, a GPS/GLONASS combined navigation system coupled to an inertial measurement unit, and an optionally-mounted radar jammer.

The air vehicle can also be armed, with potential loadouts including gun pods with 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, S-8-family 80 mm unguided rockets, or Spider TV-guided anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

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