Eurosatory 2018

Hornet has venomous sting [ES18D5]

15 June 2018

Yugoimport reports that its Strsljen (Hornet) X-01 rotary-wing unmanned air vehicle began flight trials last week. The air vehicle has been developed to undertake both reconnaissance and attack missions, and is equipped with outrigger pylons and an underbelly hardpoint for external stores.

On show at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand B571) is a full-scale mock-up of the Strsljen armed with 12 small-diameter bombs that are currently under development.

The GPS-guided winged bombs have a glide range of 4km when launched from the Strsljen’s ceiling of 4,000m, attacking their targets in a near-vertical dive.

Powered by a Serbia-built Phoenix-180 turboshaft engine, the Strsljen has a maximum takeoff weight of 750kg, of which 350kg can be payload. A typical combination would be 200 litres of fuel with 200kg of armament, giving an endurance of 3.5 hours.

This can be four hours when a full fuel load of 240 litres is carried.

Much of the structure – and the main and tail rotor blades – is constructed from composites.

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