Eurosatory 2018

Precision targeting [ES18D5]

15 June 2018

Turkish defence electronics specialist Aselsan (Hall 6, Stand B200) is showing some of its solutions for precision targeting from tactical aircraft. An important system is the Aselpod advanced targeting pod, which has been acquired by the Turkish air force for carriage by F-4-2020 upgraded Phantom and F-16 aircraft, and has reportedly been ordered by Pakistan for fitment to the JF-17 Thunder.

To complement the Aselpod, the company has also developed a range of precision-guided munitions. A laser-guided bomb system adds a semi-active laser seeker to the nose of a Turkish-made Mk 80 series bomb, with a Paveway II-style fin kit.

With Tubitak-SAGE – Turkey’s defence industry R&D establishment – Aselsan has developed the HGK, a GPS/inertial guidance kit also tailored for Mk 80 series warheads. Small strakes are added to improve glide ranges, which can reach 15 nautical miles when the weapon is released from high altitude. A variety of impact profiles can be programmed to optimise weapon effects against different types of targets, ranging from a shallow dive (10°) attack to a vertical top attack.

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