Eurosatory 2018

All-terrain vehicle ready for Austria [ES18D5]

15 June 2018

Under a contract awarded in 2016 through the Swedish government, the Austrian Army is to take delivery of 32 of the latest-generation BAE Systems Hägglunds (Outdoor Stand A10) BvS 10 all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

The first Austrian BvS 10 completed its winter testing as part of trials in the Alps earlier this year and the first production vehicles will be delivered to Austria in July 2018, with deliveries running until 2019.

On arrival in Austria, they will be fitted with government furnished equipment, including the locally supplied ESL Advanced Information Technology remote controlled weapon station, which can be armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. On the lower part of the weapon station are banks of 76mm grenade launchers.

Other government furnished equipment will include a communications system and a colour camera to provide 360° situational awareness. The baseline vehicle has four seats in the front and six seats in the rear, but the rear unit can be rapidly reroled.

It is also fitted with a fire detection and suppression system, air conditioning, NBC system, external stowage boxes and ski racks. Some of the Austrian vehicles will be fitted with a front-mounted snow-clearing blade.

The gross vehicle weight is being quoted as 16 tonnes, which is too heavy for amphibious use, but a swimming kit can be supplied for use when the vehicle is operating at a lower weight.

Austria is the latest customer for the BvS 10, which is already deployed by France, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, the latter being the launch customer for deployment with the Royal Marines, who call the vehicle the Viking.

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