Eurosatory 2018

Firing further [ES18D5]

15 June 2018

With an eye on a qualitative improvement in the performance of Spain’s artillery gun-howitzers, the Army Logistics Support Command has just awarded Expal Systems (Hall 6, Stand F133) a five-year ammunition contract.

In terms of the framework agreement, Expal will supply the Spanish Army with 155mm ER02A1 extended range HE projectiles for the SIAC 52-calibre and M109A4 39-calibre howitzers. The munitions will include an EC102 electronic fuze, a base-bleed unit and the DM92ES modular charge.

Expal has designed and manufactured the projectile, fuze and base-bleed unit as part of an MoD partnership programme.

Complying with the JBMOU that ensures compatibility with different types of 155mm howitzers, Expal munitions are also qualified in accordance with NATO’s STANAG standards.

With the aerodynamically streamlined ER02A1 projectile and base-bleed that reduces its base resistance, a substantial increase in range is achieved. Firing with six propelling charge modules, the 52-calibre SIAC howitzer can now reach a range of 40km.

Improved design features and a larger amount of explosive in the projectile enhance its fragmentation performance.

Importantly, the electronic fuze not only provides greater operational precision but also higher safety levels than when using a mechanical fuze.

Further precision will soon be able to be achieved with the integration of a trajectory correction fuze for missions that require such precision on a target under fire.

Expal is also presenting a new configuration of its EIMOS 81mm mortar system integrated on a light 4x4 vehicle.

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