Eurosatory 2018

From land and sea to space [ES18D5]

15 June 2018

An impressive array of photonic technologies greets visitors to the UK-based Excelitas Qioptiq display in Hall 5A, Stand B740. On show at Eurosatory are sighting systems, surveillance and target acquisition cameras, such as the new CheetIR-C MWIR continuous zoom, sensors and detectors, as well as advanced optronics.

The CheetIR-C OEM variant allows excellent potential for integration into sighting system upgrades, including underarmour applications. A range of features, including white hot/ black hot and electronic zoom, enables the detection of a main battle tank at more than 25km.

In the sensor domain, Excelitas Technologies’ portfolio includes new COTS products to meet the requirements of semi-active laser seeker applications. Its YAG- 555-4AH Silicon PIN Quadrant Detector, with up to 14.1mm active area diameter, captures even more photons, and with built-in heating elements, enables an increase in effective responsivity.

Excelitas is well established in the space sector for its solar cell coverglass and optical solar reflectors (OSRs). OSRs are employed on civilian and military satellite programmes in Europe, the US and Japan.

Its cover-glass, designed to protect the photovoltaic cells of satellites from the harsh space environment, will be produced in North Wales.

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