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Eurosatory 2018: Expal unveils upgrade to EIMOS mortar system

15 June 2018
The upgraded EIMOS system features improvements to the inertial navigation system and travel bars and locking system. Source: Expal

Spain’s Expal unveiled a new upgraded variant of its EIMOS truck-mounted mortar system at the Eurosatory trade show in Paris on 13 June.

Key upgrades include changes to the system’s inertial navigation system to help act as a redundancy to the platform’s GPS system, following on from feedback received from operators.

In addition, the travel bars and locking system have been refined, which has also improved barrel stability and accuracy in firing.

According to EIMOS System Product Manager Alberto Fernández Cuervo, other improvements have included upgrades to electrical wiring and materials used in the system as part of efforts to reduce the overall weight of the platform and improve maintainability and through-life support costs.

The company has also worked on reducing the turnaround time from halting to firing to less than 20 seconds. As the mortar is mounted on an open turntable in the existing URO VAMTAC ST5, the vehicle is able to depart as soon as the last mortar bomb is fired to allow for rapid redeployment from counter-fire threats.

The integrated hydro-pneumatic recoil support mechanism into the firing unit supporting the mortar means that no additional stabilisers need to be deployed from the vehicle before firing. With an overall system weight of 800 kg, the company claims that it is able to install the system into existing vehicle fleets without major modification of the vehicles themselves – allowing for continued commonality in spares pools for vehicle fleets.

Being mounted on the open rear cab of the vehicle, a 360° arc of fire can be achieved. Fire mission information is transmitted from the cab of the vehicle using Expal’s Techfire fire control system, which provides firing data and ballistic corrections, as well as ballistic calculations and weapon aiming and firing data.

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