Eurosatory 2018

Interceptor marches on [ES18D4]

14 June 2018

Lockheed Martin’s Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) interceptor programme has moved from the Science & Technology (S&T) phase into development with a $2.6 million contract award from the US Army’s Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office.

Announced at Eurosatory, the contract allows Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control (Hall 5A, Stand G840) to continue maturing the project, evaluate its effectiveness and to demonstrate manufacturing readiness. MHTK is a small interceptor measuring 76cm in length and weighing 2.2kg. It is designed to defend against a range of threats, including rockets, artillery and mortars, as well as small UAVs and helicopters. It has no warhead, relying instead on accurate targeting and kinetic energy to destroy or disable its target. The small dimensions of the weapon allow large numbers to be packed into a small footprint, in turn providing the system with sufficient ready-to-fire interceptors to engage large-scale saturation attacks.

Two seeker types have been tested: a semi-active RF seeker that requires continuous radar illumination of the target, and an active RF seeker that allows the MHTK interceptor to take over the intercept autonomously. A series of test firings have been conducted throughout the S&T phase, the latest undertaken in January at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

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