Eurosatory 2018

Elevated view [ES18D4]

14 June 2018

One of the more unusual outside exhibits is the UMS Viséo surveillance vehicle from Iris France (Stand S331, External Pe6A).

A sleek, low-slung electric vehicle with a prominent telescopic cabin, it is reminiscent of the New York Police Department’s pop-up observation watchtowers. This is actually how commercial and marketing director Fabrice Vivier himself proudly describes the UMS Viséo.

“It is meant to reassure the citizenry of a visible police presence as our vehicle silently cruises around town or the city,” he explained. “Being a battery-powered electric car, it runs completely silently, with zero carbon emissions, and the ability to traverse narrow streets and lanes.”

For observation and improved situational awareness, the driver can elevate the cabin to a height of 4m above street level and lower it again in eight seconds.

“This is a security feature to allow the driver to exit quickly in the event of an emergency,” Vivier added. “In addition, the vehicle is equipped with external controls to operate the cabin without the driver inside.”

Optional equipment includes four HD cameras to give 360° day/night surveillance capability with a 4G recorder and transmitter, GPS tracker, longrange LED spotlight and LED light ramp with speaker.

Powered by a 48V gel lead battery that gives a range of 120km, the vehicle has a top speed of 45km/h. It weighs 2,200kg with the battery. The UMS Viséo has a reinforced suspension, all-road tyres and reinforced side skirts, and tinted and secure windows and windscreen.

According to Vivier, the UMS Viséo is being evaluated by the French and Belgian police forces and is already in use with civilian security operators in applications such as the ‘follow-me’ vehicle at an airport and on construction sites. The UMS Viséo is certified for use on public roads in Europe.

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