Air-Launched Weapons

Denel Dynamics sheds light on new C-RAM missile

14 June 2018

Denel Dynamics has released details of its Mongoose 3 counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) missile, which underwent its first flight tests in March and will be shown at Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show in South Africa in September.

Development versions of the Mongoose 3 missile. (Denel Dynamics)Development versions of the Mongoose 3 missile. (Denel Dynamics)

The transonic Mongoose 3 is being developed to protect bases by engaging incoming munitions at ranges from 300 m to 2,000 m, complementing the 10,000 m range supersonic Cheetah missile the company is also developing.

The two missiles share a 105 mm diameter basic airframe, active radar seeker, warhead, fuze, and servos, as well as other components and algorithms. They are designed for integration with a range of sensors and fire-control systems, including the Rheinmetall Skyshield, which is to be acquired by the South African Army for its upgraded twin 35 mm anti-aircraft guns.

The 13 kg, 1.2 m Mongoose 3 is a highly agile, vertical-launch missile that uses side-thrust motors to tip it over after launch. It then uses synchronised dorsal and tail fins to steer it towards its target, guided by its active radar seeker.

In addition to its primary C-RAM role, the Mongoose 3 will also be able to engage unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including small types that present difficult targets for other systems and helicopters that come within range. It is also intended as a self-protection weapon for helicopters.

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