Eurosatory 2018

Hero on fire [ES18D3]

13 June 2018

Last month, Israeli loitering munition specialist UVision Air (Hall 5A, Stand BC627) undertook two live firings of its Hero-30 short-range loitering munition. One was undertaken in front of representatives from a strategic customer during a military exercise, while the other was conducted during the International Fire Support Symposium with an audience including NATO armed forces representatives.

Both tests demonstrated the Hero-30’s silent pneumatic launch and its ability to gather intelligence while loitering, before locating and locking on to the target and attacking it with an accuracy of less than 1m CEP. The Hero-30 also demonstrated a mid-air aborted attack, after which the munition returned to loitering flight before re-engaging the target.

Weighing in at just 3kg, the Hero-30 is man-packable, and is the smallest of the UVision Air range. It has a 0.5kg warhead, range of up to 40km and a 30-minute endurance.

The Hero family comprises loitering munitions in seven weight classes, the largest of which is the 125kg Hero-1250, which can carry a 30kg warhead to a range of 200km.

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