Eurosatory 2018

Success for quadcopter bomb [ES18D3]

13 June 2018

Israel Aerospace Industries (Hall 6, Stand F751) has conducted a successful live trial of its Rotem L assault vertical take-off and landing loitering munition. The air vehicle is intended to provide a single soldier with the ability to conduct local surveillance missions, and to attack targets during urban and close-quarters engagements.

Rotem L is powered by a replaceable battery pack that provides up to 30 minutes’ endurance in standard attack/ surveillance mode. The vehicle has two camera sensors – one in the nose and one under the belly – that relay imagery to a ruggedised tablet control unit. The nose sensor can be rapidly swapped between day and night units. For attacks, the vehicle is armed with a two-grenade warhead. However, this can be replaced by an additional battery pack, giving a further 15 minutes of flying time in surveillance-only mode.

Designed for ease of use and the ability to be rapidly launched, Rotem L has automatic take-off and landing capability, abort and emergency ‘return home’ functions. It can fly to pre-programmed routes or be retasked in flight. Once an attack is commanded by the operator, the vehicle accelerates to around 100km/h in the terminal phase, and can approach its target from varying angles. The air vehicle would typically operate at ranges of 1-2km, with a maximum of 10km. It incorporates an audio distance-measuring system that uses sonar to prevent it from inadvertently colliding with walls and other obstacles.

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