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Eurosatory 2018: SMASH small arms fire control system makes its international debut

13 June 2018
Smart Shooter Ltd’s SMASH weapon sight, which made its public debut at Eurosatory 2018, has already been operationally deployed. understands the system is now being more widely deployed across the IDF. Source: Smart Shooter Ltd

The SMASH family of smalls arms fire control systems from Israel’s Smart Shooter Ltd made its international debut at this month’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.

Conforming to MIL-STD 810 in a hardware package that can fit any standard weapon, the baseline SMASH 2000 system ensures a first-round hit to, in the company’s words, “cost effectively turn basic small arms into twenty-first century smart weapons”.

The system features see-through optics, affording the shooter a naturalistic sight picture; clear day and night vision capabilities; a lock and track capability; simple controls; and a discrete reticle to maintain optimum situational awareness.

A more advanced SMASH 2000 Plus adds a drone mode to help forces tackle the threat from mini-unmanned aerial vehicles as well as built-in storage to record video or stills of engagements for training or after-action reviews.

With studies having shown that by far the greatest reason for targets being missed is the human factor, closely followed by movement of the target, SMASH works by eliminating those factors.

Using technology garnered from anti-tank guided weapons, SMASH allows the shooter to lock onto a target; once this is done, a round will only be discharged when the system can guarantee it will hit the target. Thus, even though the target might be moving and the shooter might be suffering from the physical and emotional stress of combat and firing from an unstable position, his or her weapon will only fire when a hit can be guaranteed.

“This is the magic: taking off the human factor from the equation,” Dr Abraham Mazor, Smartshooter’s vice-president for business development and marketing, told Jane’s on 11 June. “Once the shooter decides on a specific target, everything else is taken over by the technology.”

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