Eurosatory 2018

Weapons with logic [ES18D2]

12 June 2018

Getting data on a weapon system for the purposes of maintenance and readiness is the latest innovative solution presented by technology company Secubit (Hall 6, Stand JH517). Its name, WeaponLogic, clearly shows what this management system can do.

It combines three features, namely shoot, record and tag, with the patented WeaponLogic Smart Counter and WeaponLogic Reader. The system automatically stores comprehensive weapon firing data, which can be analysed on the dashboard for preventive maintenance and predictive diagnostics.

According to Secubit, key benefits include optimised procurement and parts management, based on the exact use and performance of the weapon, and armoury management with weapon registration and assignment, based on its readiness.

WeaponLogic also improves shooter readiness by tracking and monitoring the shooter’s profile and enables effective ammunition consumption.

Designed according to military specifications, the completely passive WeaponLogic Smart Counter provides analysis of real-shot profiles, such as energy, profile and duration. It stores the shot information, including date and time, for every round over its 11+ years of operational life.

Multiple events are captured, differentiating between single rounds, automatic mode, blanks and live munition. The internal memory stores data of more than one million rounds.

Data stored in the counter’s memory is downloaded to the encrypted, high cyber-security reader, allowing the armourer to quickly review the firearm’s status, including total rounds fired and the latest maintenance date.

Importantly, WeaponLogic is adaptable to various weapon types, from pistols, rifles and carbines to heavy machine guns, mortars and tank cannons, and remote weapon stations.

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