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Iraqi brigade swaps Abrams for T-90S tanks

11 June 2018

A still from a video released by the Iraqi MoD shows one of the T-90S tanks that were handed over to the 35th Brigade. Source: Iraqi Ministry of Defence

Iraq’s newly arrived T-90S tanks have been delivered to units that previously operated M1A1 Abrams tanks.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced the decision to swap the US-made tanks for Russian ones on 6 June, saying 39 T-90S tanks had been handed over to the 35th Brigade of the 9th Armoured Division to equip two battalions. It said the units’ officers and crews had been retrained with Russian assistance and their Abrams tanks transferred to the division’s 34th Brigade.

The 34th Brigade has been seen operating T-72s, the tank from which the T-90S was developed.

It was confirmed in 2017 that Iraq had ordered 73 tanks in the basic T-90S standard and the associated T-90SK command variant. The Iraqi MoD announced in February 2018 that 36 had been delivered.

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