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KADDB showcases new artillery systems

07 June 2018
The KADDB 155 mm/39 calibre self-propelled artillery system with outriggers deployed and one of the ammunition racks open. Source: IHS Markit/Patrick Allen

Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) of Jordan has completed initial firing trials of a locally developed 155 mm/39 calibre wheeled self-propelled (SP) artillery system called Rum II.

The weapon achieved a maximum range of 18.1 km with the standard US 155 mm M107 high-explosive projectile.

Longer ranges could be achieved with other ammunition types, such as the rocket assisted projectile (RAP) which is stated to possess a maximum range of 27.7 km.

The first example of the Rum II is based on a 6×6 DAF truck chassis with a fully enclosed and protected two-door cab at the front and a 155 mm/39 calibre M185 ordnance mounted on a turntable towards the rear.

The ordnance is from the M109A1 SP artillery system and features a screw breech block and a flick rammer to increase rate of fire, while reducing crew fatigue. It is fitted with a double baffle muzzle brake, fume extractor and has a maximum recoil length of 914 mm.

It fires over the frontal arc and features electro-hydraulical elevation (0 to +65°) and traverse (23° to either side), with manual controls for contingencies. Direct and indirect fire sights are also fitted.

A total of 22 rounds of 155 mm ammunition is carried with the mix depending on the fire mission. These are stowed 11 horizontally down either side in lockers.

When deployed in the firing position a large spade is lowered at the rear of the vehicle, which lifts the two sets of rear road wheels clear of the ground. Two additional spades at the rear of the cab, one either side, are lowered to improve firing stability.

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