RGW 90 LRMP shows up at CANSEC [CANSEC18D2]

31 May 2018

Dynamit Nobel Defence (Booth 728) is showing the latest addition to its series of single-shot 90mm recoilless grenade weapon (RGW 90) systems here: the RGW 90 Long Range Multi- Purpose (LRMP) variant. RGW 90 LRMP is a lightweight (8.9kg) disposable weapon system furnished with a programmable multi-purpose warhead developed in collaboration with the German Army for its Special Forces (Kommando Spezialkräfte – KSK) requirement.

Integrated with a reusable 2.2kg Dynahawk integrated Fire Control System, the RGW 90 LRMP system can be deployed as an indirect fire (airburst for soft targets/anti-personnel in and behind cover) or direct fire (light armoured vehicles – static and moving; walls and field fortifications) capability out to ranges of 1,200m. As with all weapons in the RGW 90 series, the RGW 90 LRMP can be fired safely from confined spaces.

The system has been in operational service with the KSK since the end of 2017, and has a NATO stock number. Dynamit Nobel Defence has now embarked on an international campaign to familiarise special and light forces with its capabilities, Sebastian Bent, sales and marketing executive with the company, told the Show Daily. Bent said that, as part of the campaign, Dynamit Nobel Defence could potentially demonstrate the RGW 90 LRMP capability to the Canadian Special Forces.

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