Airtronic readies new HEAT round for PSRL, updates launchers

30 May 2018

Airtronic USA is developing a new high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round for its Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher (PSRL), the company has revealed.

The new HEAT round retains the same warhead diameter of 93 mm but features a redesigned rocket motor with a new ignitor and propellant. The company claims a range of about 850 m for the single shaped-charge warhead HEAT round, which gives a significant range increase over the PG-7VL round launched by the RPG-7. The latter is understood to have a direct fire range of 250 m.

“The development is currently at TRL-7/8 and we believe we will be at TRL-9 in 90 days,” Richard Vandiver, Chief Operating Officer told Jane’s .

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