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Persistent Systems producing upgraded S- and L-Band modules

29 May 2018
Persistent Systems’ MPU5 MANET radio fitted with an L-Band module. The company is beginning production of new 10 W, S- and L-Band modules for its radio. Source: Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems is commencing production of upgraded radio frequency (RF) modules for its MPU5 mobile ad hoc network (MANET) radio, increasing its output to 10 W.

The company has also modified the RF front end for improved signal performance and resistance against interference, Eric Stern, director of engineering at Persistent Systems, told Jane’s .

The 10 W high-powered S- and L-Band modules are the culmination of engineering work conducted by Persistent Systems over the last year to take advantage of the latest commercially available power amplifier technology, he added.

Besides providing a low-cost way for customers to upgrade their radios, Stern noted the upgrade is seamless and MPU5 users should not notice the change.

“To the average user it will be transparent because the form factor doesn’t change, their battery life doesn’t change, it doesn’t get hotter, and [customers] are just going to see better performance,” he said. “For the warfighter, or other similar applications, we are improving the reliability of communications: we are making it better with this radio.”

The new modules will bring improved RF selectivity. The two most commonly discussed product performance parameters of RF systems are transmitting power and receive sensitivity.

“This improved performance was achieved by moving components around and replacing components with better performers,” he added. “In increasingly congested urban mega-city environments with constant strong interfering signals, advancements in selectivity are crucial.”

Production of the new modules has commenced. Stern noted the S-Band module is anticipated to begin shipping toward the end of the fourth quarter of 2018. The L-Band module will ship early in the second quarter of 2019.

Persistent Systems introduced an Upper C-Band module for its MPU5 MANET radio in April. However, Stern did not say when an upgrade to the Upper C-Band module might occur.

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