Rafael launches Fire Weaver networked attack system

25 May 2018

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has unveiled the development of an advanced networked attack system designed to deliver multiple simultaneous selected precision effects on time-critical targets within seconds of their acquisition.

Fire Weaver is an open-architecture target acquisition and precision engagement system that sits above, and is complementary to, battlefield C4I systems, sensors, and shooters. While typical C4I systems are a command-level decision-support tool, Fire Weaver, leveraging any secure tactical communications system, effectively connects all sensor and effector types (many-to-many) in the operational battlespace, to enable the secure exchange of real-time targeting data and the immediate management and execution of autonomous multiple target engagement for tactical level requirements and above.

Fire Weaver supports distributed target data between all sensors and shooters in the battlespace in GPS-independent common visual language using Rafael’s Match Guide technology.

“Match Guide is a development of the ‘geographical pixel’ revolution: we stopped talking about geographical grids and started talking in terms of geographical pixels,” Yoav Har Even, president and CEO, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, told Jane’s . “Typically, the sensor-to-shooter process is enabled through the transfer of geographic grid co-ordinates, but this only works if your GPS is not being jammed.

“We developed an advanced image processing capability that can locate and designate the target within individual geographical pixels – our electro-optic-equipped weapons are furnished with scene-matching algorithms that recognise the pixel and target accordingly,” Har Even said. “This common visual language provides a shared operational picture across command-and-control networks, sensors, and shooters to within a few pixels and enables the fast and effective engagement of time-critical targets.”

However, Fire Weaver also uses geographical grid and laser designator technologies to complement/augment the Match Guide system.

“Fire Weaver, using Match Guide technology, allows the sensor and effector components to speak in a common language on a 3D model,” Shmulik ‘O’, head of Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Land Division Innovation Programs Centre told Jane’s .Screen grabs from the Fire Weaver Fire Management Terminal Display, Shooter Display and Sensor Display. (Rafael Advanced Defences Systems)Screen grabs from the Fire Weaver Fire Management Terminal Display, Shooter Display and Sensor Display. (Rafael Advanced Defences Systems)

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