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Poland to upgrade older helicopters rather than buying new ones

24 May 2018

Poland plans to extend the operational life of its oldest helicopters so they can remain in service, Deputy Defence Minister Wojciech Skurkiewicz told parliament on 10 May.

In a status report on the modernisation of the Polish Armed Forces’ helicopter fleet, he said PLN4.7 billion (USD1.3 billion) has been allocated to the purchase of new helicopters and all maintenance and upgrade work. This compares with PLN7.2 billion announced in January 2018.

Skurkiewicz reported that more than 200 helicopters of various types are in military service in Poland for attack (Mi-2, Mi-24W, and W-3PL Głuszec), transport (W-3 Sokół, Mi-8/17), search and rescue (W-3 Anakonda and Mi-14PL/R), anti-submarine warfare (SH-2G and Mi-14PL), and training (Mi-2 and SW-4 Puszczyk).

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