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China’s Z-19E helicopter completes firing tests

17 May 2018
Seen here during its maiden flight in May 2017, the Z-19E, which is the export version of China’s Z-19 attack helicopter, recently completed firing tests, according to AVIC. Source: Via

The export version of China’s Harbin Aviation Industries (Group) Company (HAIG) Z-19 Black Whirlwind armed reconnaissance/attack helicopter has completed firing tests.

HAIG’s parent company, the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), said in a 16 May statement that the helicopter, which is called Z-19E, showed its “manoeuvrability and operational capability” during the 40-day trails, which began on 29 March.

The tests involved the live-firing of air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, unguided and guided rockets, as well as of the platform’s podded gun systems, said AVIC without providing further details about the tested weapons. The trials also served to verify weapons integration and the fire-control system, the company added.

The narrow-body, tandem-seat Z-19E, which made its first flight on 18 May, is China’s first export-oriented attack helicopter.

With a maximum take-off weight of 4,250 kg, the Z-19E is a light armed helicopter providing advantages in cruising speed, climb rate, and usable ceiling, according to its developer.

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