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Jaguar prototype unveiled

16 May 2018
A Jaguar prototype was unveiled on 16 May. Source: IHS Markit/Nicholas Fiorenza

Key Points

  • A prototype of France's Jaguar AFV was unveiled at Nexter on 16 May before it is displayed at Eurosatory 2018
  • The Jaguar, Griffon, upgraded Leclerc MBT, and VBMR léger are part of France's Scorpion programme

A prototype of France's Jaguar 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) was unveiled at the Nexter facilities in Satory on 16 May in the run-up to the 11-15 June Eurosatory 2018 defence exhibition.

The vehicle, a joint programme between Nexter, Renault Trucks, and Thales, is the second of two prototypes, both of which will be exhibited at Eurosatory, one at the Nexter stand and the other at the French Ministry of Defence stand, along with a Griffon 6x6 armoured vehicle.

The Jaguar and Griffon are part of France's Scorpion programme, which also includes the upgraded Leclerc main battle tank and the VBMR léger 4x4 vehicle to replace the army's ageing AFVs. They will share common Scorpion vetronics (vehicle electronics) and information among themselves through the Scorpion Communication and Information System (SICS) and Contact radio network.

The 25-tonne Jaguar has a 500hp engine producing a top speed of 90 km/h, with a range of 800 km. It features rear-axle steering, variable ground clearance, and 14R20 tyres with a central inflation system and run-flat system.

The vehicle has a stabilised two-man turret with a CTA 40 mm main armament and 7.62 mm secondary armament in a remotely operated turret, as well as a missile pod with two ready-to-fire MMP anti-tank missiles, plus two reloads. It also has a small arms detection and locating system, laser warning receiver and Barage jamming system, and can be fitted with modular protection kits, Diamant active protection system, laser warning receiver, and missile approach warning system.

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