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SOFEX 2018: KADDB unveils Al-Wahsh C2 vehicle

10 May 2018
KADDB’s latest Al-Wahsh command and control vehicle is equipped with an extensive array of sensors and communications equipment for its specialised mission. Source: IHS Markit/Patrick Allen

Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has developed and tested a new variant of its 4×4 Al-Wahsh vehicle configured for the command and control (C2) and riot control role.

The new C2 vehicle is derived from standard Al-Wahsh platform but has been modified internally for its specialised mission and fitted with a C2/anti-riot system developed by KADDB.

Its mission equipment includes cameras installed on the upper part of the hull providing all-round situational awareness and a telescopic mast mounted at the right rear that carries day/thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder. Captured imagery from the vehicle’s cameras can be relayed to a command post.

A long range acoustic device (LRAD) and two banks of electrically operated smoke grenade launchers that cover the frontal arc are also fitted to the roof.

Internal mission systems include a Harris and Tetra communications system, blue force tracking system, vehicle intercom system, and the KADDB-developed Vehicular Multiband Jammer (VMBJ).

The baseline vehicle’s STANAG 4569 Level 2 ballistic protection package is retained, with the bullet/splinter-resistant windows provided with wire-mesh protection.

It is operated by a five-person crew comprising the commander, driver, and three operators.

KADDB is quoting a gross vehicle weight of up to 18 tonnes with the vehicle being powered by a 370-hp diesel coupled to a six-speed fully automatic transmission, providing a maximum road speed of up to 110 km/h.

The vehicle is fitted with an independent suspension system with an approach angle of 30° and a departure angle of 40°.

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