SOFEX 2018

Arena-E awaits first contract [SOFEX18D3]

10 May 2018

The Russian KBM Joint Stock Company (Hall 4, Stand A401) claims to have completed development of the latest-generation Arena-E hard kill active defence system (ADS). This has been designed for installation on main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, to enhance their survivability against incoming threats such as ground- and air-launched anti-tank guided missiles, as well as the more widely deployed unguided antitank weapons fitted with a high-explosive anti-tank warhead.

The original Arena ADS featured a large pole-type sensor pod mounted on the tank’s roof, with the explosive countermeasures arranged around the turret. The Arena-E ADS has a new design with radar sensors and countermeasures integrated around the turret. The system is fully automatic and has a high kill probability against incoming threats.

The multifunction modular radar detects and tracks incoming threats, and if confirmed as hostile, launches countermeasures to neutralise a threat before it comes into contact with the platform.

According to KBM, installation of the Arena-E onto a platform enhances its survivability by a factor of two during conventional operations and by a factor of between three and five during local conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

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