SOFEX 2018

Defeat silent intruders [SOFEX18D3]

10 May 2018

With increasing emphasis on evolving threats, also discussed at SOFEX this week as part of ‘hyper warfare in the grey zone’, US-based SRC Inc (Hall 6, Stand B648) offers several solutions in the area of counter- UAS (C-UAS).

The research company, which has its origins in Syracuse University, has just been awarded a $57.5 million contract by the US Air Force to provide systems that detect, identify and defeat enemy drones. The contract is the latest in a series of investments in the SRC counter-drone technology by the Army, Navy and Air Force over the past two years. Together, the contracts are worth more than $150 million.

Some of the company’s proven technologies have been deployed at high-profile events, such as the G8 and G20 summits. However, drones are proliferating on the battlefield, and are increasingly being used also by insurgent groups in conflict zones such as Iraq and Syria.

The new contract with the Air Force is for EW, radar systems and day/night cameras that will help meet an urgent requirement to detect and defeat drones.

Deployed on the battlefield, the C-UAS system uses air surveillance radar, EW and direction-finding technologies to detect low, slow and small airborne targets. Combining radar signature data and electronic surveillance information with EO/IR, the operator can confidently decide on any action to be taken.

Once a UAS has been identified as hostile, a variety of low-cost, low-risk measures can be employed, whether the incoming threat is a single UAS or a swarm.

“Providing this critical technology that will defend against evolving threats like small drones is what we’re all about: helping to keep America and its allies safe and strong,” said Paul Tremont, president and chief executive of SRC.

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