SOFEX 2018

Expanded range of mortars [SOFEX18D3]

10 May 2018

Bulgarian company Apolo Engineering (Hall 1, Stand B123) is presenting its 60mm Commando smoothbore mortar, which can be rapidly disassembled into four components: bipod, circular baseplate, smoothbore barrel and the sighting system.

Elevation is from +45° to +85° with manual traverse of 3° left and right, but it can be rapidly traversed through a full 360° by moving the bipod. The minimum range is being quoted as 100m and the maximum range is 3,250m.

Apolo can supply a 60mm high-explosive mortar bomb with a TNT filling and a 60mm smoke mortar bomb containing white phosphorous.

The company originally manufactured 82mm mortars and their associated 82mm mortar bombs, because this was the standard calibre used in Eastern Europe. The 82mm smoothbore mortars and their associated family of ammunition is still being marketed, as is a NATO standard 81mm mortar.

The 81mm smoothbore mortar has a barrel length of 1.455m and is claimed to have a maximum range of 6,270m, depending on the type of mortar bomb/ propellant used. At least two types of 81mm mortar bomb are manufactured – the high explosive round, which contains TNT and is stated to have a maximum range of 4,335m, and a smoke mortar bomb containing white phosphorus, which is stated to have a maximum range of 5,070m.

Apolo Engineering is also marketing a 120mm smoothbore mortar, which has a maximum range of 7,100m, with at least two types of 120mm mortar bomb being available: high explosive, and smoke white phosphorus.

Apolo Engineering can also supply the RPG-7V rocket propelled grenade launcher and a complete family of unguided rockets.

In addition to the traditional high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) and high-explosive rockets, the company’s offerings now also include rockets with a tandem HEAT warhead to neutralise targets fitted with explosive reactive armour and a thermobaric warhead.

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