SOFEX 2018

MMP production ramps up [SOFEX18D3]

10 May 2018

MBDA (Hall 1, Stand B149) is ramping up production of its Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system for the French Army, with the first production systems delivered late in 2017.

In French Army service, the MBDA MMP will replace the older MILAN ATGM and the US Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin. The first French Army MMP contract covers the supply of 400 fi ring posts, 2,850 missiles and a simulator developed by GDI Simulation.

MBDA classes the MMP as a fifth-generation ATGM and it is fully interoperable with the French Army’s FÉLIN (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés) future infantry programme.

The MMP system consists of the missile in its disposable launch tube and the firing post, which includes the Safran electro-optical package incorporating a TV/cooled infrared sensor with three selectable fi elds of view (large, x4 magnification; intermediate, x12; and narrow, x18). The firing post also includes the embedded global positioning system, digital magnetic compass and a laser rangefinder sensor assembly. The latter enables the operator to launch the missile within its effective operating range.

The guided missile is fitted with a tandem multipurpose high-explosive anti-tank warhead to defeat targets fitted with explosive reactive armour, and has a range of more than 4,000m, which is twice that of the MILAN it is replacing. The operator of the MMP can select two modes of operation: lock-on-before-launch, which is the fi re-and-forget mode; and lock-on-after-launch, with the man in the loop for non-line-of-sight target engagement.

In addition to the standard infantry version of the MMP, two of these missiles are integrated into the two-person turret installed on the French Army’s Jaguar (6x6) reconnaissance vehicle, which is also armed with a 40mm Cased Telescoped Armament System and a 7.62mm machine gun. Jaguar is the long-term replacement for the AMX-10RC and Sagaie armoured cars of the French Army.

A Panhard Defense PVP (4x4) light armoured vehicle has been shown fi tted with a remote-controlled turret, with four MMP in the ready-to-launch position and the optical package located in the middle.

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