SOFEX 2018

Effective defences against aerial attack [SOFEX18D2]

09 May 2018

China Aerospace Long- March International (Hall 3, Stand A303) is demonstrating its complete air defence capability. Heading up its product range are two man-portable surface-to-air missiles (SAM), the FN-6 and the FN-16, which are both of the fire-andforget type.

The FN-16 is claimed to be able to intercept aircraft and helicopters flying at an altitude of 10-4,000m, with an interception range of 500- 5,600m. It has a short reaction time of five seconds and a single-shot kill capability of 0.8 against aircraft and 0.7 against cruise missiles.

Two short-range mobile air defence systems are also being marketed. The first, the FB- 6A, is based on a 4x4 forward control truck, on the rear of which is power-operated turret.

The operator is located in the middle and a bank of four FN-6 SAMs are in the ready-to- launch position on either side. Other elements are the command vehicle fitted with a roof-mounted surveillance radar, a test vehicle based on a 6x6 platform and two so-called ‘energy vehicles’.

The second mobile air defence system, the FB-6C, is based on a light (4x4) platform with a power-operated turret on the rear and pods of FN-16 missiles either side of the operator’s station, which also has an optical package. A typical FB-6C battery would consist of six missile firing vehicles and one command vehicle, which has a roof-mounted surveillance radar.

To engage targets at a longer range, the company is marketing the FB-10 (pictured), which is based on a 6x6 platform fitted with a four-door fully enclosed cabin. Mounted at the rear is a turret with eight SAMs in the ready-to-launch position, four either side, and a surveillance radar with a maximum range of 30km. The fire-and-forget SAMs are claimed to be able to intercept targets up to an altitude of 5km and out to a range of 10km.

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