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Visitors to 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Ukraine likely to face elevated injury and robbery risks

09 May 2018
FC Dynamo supporters holding sticks prepare to clash with Besikta supporters during the UEFA Champions League football match at the Olympiyski Stadium in Kiev on 6 December 2016. Source: Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images #628083306

Key Points

  • Regular use of crude IEDs presents the most salient threat of collateral injury and disruption to visitors, despite the fact that the sporting event is unlikely to be targeted by such IED attacks.
  • Local football hooligan groups will probably attempt attacks on visiting fans; visitors of non-white racial origin face a higher probability of harassment and assault.
  • Robbery is the most likely crime risk facing visitors; violent crime against visitors is rare.


The Ukrainian capital Kiev will host the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid (Spain) and Liverpool (England) football clubs on 26 May 2018.

Local authorities will organise several main venues in the city centre to be used during the 24-27 May programme of events that coincide with the Champions League Final. The central Khreshchatyk street will be pedestrianised for public entertainment purposes, and two separate fan zones will be established: one in the Shevchenko Park and the other in front of the "Ukraina" national palace of arts, more than 2km south and southwest of Khreshchatyk street.

Regular use of crude IEDs presents threat of collateral injury and disruption to visitors

There have been no incidents of large entertainment or sporting events being targeted in the city, despite the proliferation of politically motivated IED attacks since 2014. However, government buildings and assets in Kiev associated with the security services and Russian commercial and diplomatic assets have been targeted by small capability crude improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

In the 12 months to May 2018, IHS Markit has logged at least eight separate IED attacks against a variety of targets, including a local TV station, local government buildings, against an LGBT parade, and in the courtyard of the US Embassy. These have resulted in several fatalities, including in September 2017 a Chechen exile from Russia was killed by an IED explosion at Besarabska Square in central Kiev, and another passenger of his vehicle was injured by shrapnel from the explosion.

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