Russia adjusts defence spending upward

21 March 2018

Russian defence expenditure has been increased to RUB2.95 trillion (USD51.35 billion) for 2018, budgetary documentation released by the Russian government has confirmed. The new total represents an 8% increase over the total initially planned for 2018.

Budget execution data released by the Russian Federal Treasury in March confirmed the increase. The additional funding will see defence spending rise from 16.9% of government spending in 2017 to 17.9% under the new budget, but spending will also fall from around 3.2% of gross domestic product to 3.1%.

Under the draft budget for 2018 released by the Finance Ministry in September, expenditure on national defence had been expected to fall by around 5.1% from the RUB2.88 trillion approved under the 2017 budget to RUB2.73 trillion in 2018.

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