Sea Platforms

Polish team developing stealth AUVs

09 March 2018

Poland’s Gdańsk University of Technology is working on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) with stealth capabilities, primarily for reconnaissance and counter-mining missions.

Professor Mirosław Gerigk, head of the state-funded project, told Jane’s that two types of AUV were being developed. The smaller one will have a weight of about 350 kg and be approximately 2 m in length, 1 m wide, and 40 cm high. It will reach a speed of around 2 m/s while underwater and the batteries will allow it to stay submerged for six hours in standby mode or conduct two hour-long missions.

The larger AUV will weigh up to 900 kg, with 4 m length, 2 m width, and 70 cm height.

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