Country Risk

Security alerts 23 February–2 March

22 February 2018



WATCH FOR: Roadblocks and violent confrontation between coca growers and authorities in Los Yungas during the weekend of 24–25 February

Risk analysis: On 19 February, coca growers began protests and roadblocks in the region of Los Yungas, La Paz, against alleged government repression of their sector. The demonstrations occur at a sensitive time for the national government, as President Evo Morales faces protests over his intention to run again for president. Private local media reported 200 protesters blocking the La Paz-Caravani road. This number is likely to increase as roadblocks continue into the weekend of 24–25 February. Despite government precautions, there is an increased risk of violent confrontation between protesters and security forces sent to dismantle the roadblocks, including the use of lethal force against protesters and bystanders.

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