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Pentagon budget 2019: Army expects to move USD5 billion out of OCO account

20 February 2018

The US Army expects to move USD5 billion from its supplemental overseas contingency operations (OCO) account to the traditional base budget in its fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) request.

The service is still waiting to hear from the Office of the Secretary of Defense regarding how it should balance or shift its base and OCO accounts for the coming fiscal year. Army planners finished drafting a budget before the US Congress reached a two-year agreement that would raise national defence discretionary funding limits – meaning less funding had to be squeezed into the unlimited OCO account.

Specifically, army planners suggested they are expecting to shift some European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) funding to the base budget, although that could happen in either FY 2019 or FY 2020, depending on Pentagon leaders’ decisions.

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